29 August, 2010

Film Industry Mixer ........ and OMG!!!

(The following was written Saturday night, 28 August, after I got home, just before midnight)

I just got home from the Film Industry Mixer at Young Studio in Hartford and OMG, I had the best time!!

The evening began with a walk down the red carpet as I entered, with photos being snapped and flashbulbs going off — it was fun and I loved it. Then I got to spend the rest of the night surrounded by (and speaking with) producers, directors, assistant directors, journalists, radio and TV hosts, news anchors, cinematographers, photographers, actors, writers … I ran into old friends (lots of them!) and made several new ones. I was in HEAVEN!

I also got to spend time chatting (and laughing!) with some of my favorite radio and TV personalities: Ann Nyberg, Mary Jones and Colin McEnroe.

There were 600 people at this event but it didn’t seem like a zoo, at least not to me. Oh, it was crowded, but it was warm and friendly and there was electricity in the air, no matter which room I was in. I kept running into people I knew and people who knew me and who knew my book. In fact, I am to call a TV host who has a local show in the New Haven area and wants to interview me about my book and my upcoming national tour.

One of the interviews I especially enjoyed was Melissa Mackenzie’s. She is the Senior VP of Maverick Entertainment Group and they specialize in marketing and distribution, two things I know absolutely nothing about. She was fascinating to listen to — a vital segment of the industry but one I’d never even thought of. What a treat!

My car was parked about 2 blocks away and on my way to it, I saw a man getting on a HUGE motorcycle, so of course I just HAD to say something to him: “Wow — your ride is a lot nicer than mine!” and we wound up speaking for about 20 minutes. It turned to be Assistant Director Stephen "Lucky" Luckingham. Wonderful man, and so knowledgeable. It was a warm night and the street was quiet and it was just such a pleasure to speak with a professional about something he was so obviously passionate about.

I’m SO glad I volunteered to work at this event, because not only did it make it POSSIBLE for me to meet all those amazing people, it made it EASY!

It was a beautiful, magical night and I am so delighted to have been a part of it.

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