20 September, 2009

Now That’s Weird! Glastonbury Radio - Reprise

It was my great pleasure to be interviewed by world-renowned radio presenter, Ross Hemsworth, this past Friday night, on his show, Now That’s Weird. The topic was my book Finding Emmaus, the unsettling historical fantasy. Our conversation ranged from Empaths to mental illness to the collusion between the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the out-of-control pharmaceutical industry.

I even got to answer some questions from our listeners, which I loved! The show aired at Friday night, September 18th at 6:00PM EST (that was 6:PM New York City time) and 11:00PM BST (London time). To those who were able to listen to us live, thank you very much. For those who could not, sorry you missed it - it was loads of fun!

The interview in its entirety is here:
http://www.nowthatsweird.co.uk/index1.php (at least, for the time being, until I can figure out a better way to get it onto my blog - I am SO technologically pathetic!!)

(NOTE: If you wish to bypass the intro and the music and get right into the heart of the interview, then fast forward the file to 7:54 minutes into the hour)

And, of course, please don’t forget to visit my website to read the previews of Finding Emmaus, book one of The Lodestarre Series.

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