13 September, 2009

Finding Emmaus has arrived!

If anyone had ever told me I’d consider a UPS truck to be the most the beautiful vehicle in the world, I’d have thought they were nuts. But there I was, standing in my doorway, with a smile on my face that began at the right side of my mouth and wrapped around my head three times before it ended at the left, gazing upon this dark brown truck as if it was about to deliver the Pearly Gates themselves.

Finding Emmaus has finally arrived.

It doesn’t matter that this whole thing began on a frigid wintry morning at a secluded monastery in upstate New York more than a year ago, not any more than it matters that I knew, all during the five months it took me research and write
Finding Emmaus, that this moment would come. I’d been promised an October launch by my publisher and I’d been given a tracking number a week in advance and I’d had ample warning my books were on their way and when the truck was opened and the cases were lifted out, none of that mattered one bit. Nothing - and I mean NOTHING - had prepared me for what it would feel like when I held my book in my hands for the first time.

The psychiatric community has confused Empathic personality traits with mental illness with tragic results, leading two Empaths—Francis Nettleton and Katherine Spencer—who live three hundred years apart, on personal journeys to learn the true nature of Empathy. Finding Emmaus is a meticulously researched, deeply disturbing, suspenseful tale about love and sacrifice, the abuse of power, a multi-billion dollar conspiracy and two ordinary people willing to risk everything to save millions of people who’ve been ostracized from society and victimized because they are mistakenly labeled mentally ill.

You can read a preview of my book, the first three chapters,

Finding Emmaus is now available in the UK through
Amazon, as well as in the US in these fine independent bookstores: Burgundy Books, Essex Books, Powell’s Books.

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  1. I read with enthusiasm and love your email today and wrote to you a reply.

    Every reader here right now know this: I have personally got to know Pamela and spoke with her on skype and the book she has just written will make you rethink what you think you know.

    What I can add personally is what she has so brilliantly created is indeed the beginnings of the blueprint for humanity for the next 2000 years. A time of evolution away from involution. A time of fused consciousness without ego or soul experience. A time of knowing. And finally a understanding of the potential of humanity after its involutionary trajectory to the present and the turning point towards evolution of the mind fused with pure consciousness without the thousands of years of psychological and psychic conditioning that has kept man from himself.