28 September, 2009

"Finding Emmaus": an incredible read from the very first page!

Reader Views - Carol Hoyer, PhD
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Finding Emmaus (The Lodestarre, Book One)
Pamela S. K. Glasner
Emerald Book Company (2009)
ISBN 9781934572337
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views (9/09)

"Finding Emmaus" is such an incredible read from the very first page! If you have ever thought about unique individuals you have come across in your life, then the story involving Katherine and Frank will certainly give you food for thought.

For centuries many individuals have been labeled as being mentally ill and have been treated with experimental drugs, inappropriate treatment and torture. Today, even with all the modern science, we still treat individuals with special talents with lack of concern or interest. The pharmaceutical companies own us- they make millions of dollars off of us and really don’t care if their medications are causing harm.

Francis Nettleton and Katherine Spencer are two such special people who lived over three-hundred years apart, but both were considered to be crazy or lunatics. Neither knew what special talents they had; their mood swings and dark days consumed them and the medical field misdiagnosed them. Each went on a lifelong search to find out why they received the ability to feel others emotions and if there were others like them. Francis had the help and guidance of many in the “special community,” but it took him until he was on his deathbed to finally come to terms with what he had learned and how to help others like him.

Katherine knew there was something different about her, but she couldn’t figure out what it was until a close friend suggested she might not really be mentally ill, but an Empaths. Empaths are individuals who through no choice of their own can tune into others thoughts and feelings in the present and past. Being an Empath is not learned, it is inherited. These individuals like Francis and Katherine are caring, compassionate people. They have the ability to tell if someone is lying or not. Much like Indigo children, these individuals have a purpose on earth.

The author has given readers a wild journey to take with Francis and Katherine. She provides historical data, romance, mystery and an insight into how we as a society now, and in the past, truly view those individuals who have been labeled with mental illness. As readers go on this journey they will learn many things and will come to be saddened and angered at how “unique” individuals are treated. The vivid descriptions of characters, time and place and events will keep readers up all night reading. This reading will certainly make you re-look at your previous thoughts about life and society in general. After reading this one will look at friends, family and acquaintances in a different life and maybe even question if they are an Empath. Very powerful reading and I can’t wait to read the second book.

Pamela Glasner has a unique talent and insight and through her writing shares her knowledge with readers in “Finding Emmaus.”

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