06 May, 2009

What is of ultimate value?

I recently read an article by Tom V. Morris, PhD, present-day philosopher, author and founder of The Morris Institute. In it he asks the question, ‘What is of ultimate value?’

The article is exactly what I have come to expect from Tom: thoughtful introspection on issues of vital importance stated in hauntingly beautiful prose the likes of which could not be improved upon regardless of which author might make the attempt (myself humbly included).

His question, ‘What is of ultimate value?’ touched me deeply. It is something I've lately paid closer attention to than anything else in life. The process of writing my novel made me truly evaluate what goes on in the deepest, most secretive parts of human personalities, the differences and the nuances from one human to another.

I've always known life is precious, just as I've always believed humans to be resilient creatures.

But life is also a fragile thing and prior to this time (prior to writing “Finding Emmaus”) I never truly appreciated just how fragile.

I never really thought about what went on inside the walls of a hideous place like Bethlem Royal Hospital in the 17th century, or what the original settlers of this country went through when they lived day to day knowing their survival tomorrow quite literally depended upon every minute they spent today - - if they couldn’t make it or grow it or trade with the Native Americans for it, they did without it.

What is of ultimate value?

I suppose that’s different for each of us -- and I would not presume to foist my opinion on anyone else.

But it truly touches me to see that the question has been posed, that the question itself has value.

You might want to click on the following link http://tiny.cc/rp1Sx and read Tom's article, "The End of Philosophy?" in its entirety - he's an absolute delight.

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