04 October, 2010

Me — on the Huffington Post?? Oh, my goodness!

The most amazing woman in the world, creator of what has been called the most successful and widely-read news source on the planet, sent me an e-mail last night.

I had the opportunity to hear her speak in NY City this past Tuesday, September 28th, and was able, after the show, to spend some time speaking with her.

I told her about “Finding Emmaus”, its message and mission. Well, she must have liked it because I came home last night to an e-mail from Arianna inviting me to have my own blog on The Huffington Post. What an honor!

One last thing: if you are ever presented with the opportunity to hear her speak in person, DO IT! She’s fascinating, compelling, humorous, knowledgeable, gracious — and just about every other complimentary adjective I can imagine!

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