09 October, 2009

Unique Subject, Uniquely Written - A Five-Star Review by Karen Pio

Unique Subject!! Uniquely Written!!, October 8, 2009
A Five-Star Review By
Karen Pio "Distinguishing Reader" (Southington, CT USA)

Spectacular beginning! Whoa!! I had to quiet myself down, cut off all noise and take everything else out of my head and put it on a shelf when I first read the first line of "Finding Emmaus." Thus I was able to finally concentrate on my third reading of the beginning paragraph. "Did I read that right?" I pondered... What?? WOW!! Who would have thought of such a GREAT "pull-in" to a book? Glasner. Who else? With that, Once I got my head around it, I couldn't put the book down for some time.

Unfortunately, real life stepped in (a big move) and I had to leave the world that
Francis and Katherine were living ... and into the one before us. It was bad... concentrating on my work when this magnetic book pulled on my heart strings to return.

Glasner didn't just get my immediate attention. She has kept that attention and sense of renewal learning more and more about Empaths and the psychiatric community. It has shaken me into being more aware of my surroundings, doctors, medicines for myself and family.

When is the next

As a new author, one might wonder how Glasner came upon this subject and how she sought out information, history. Her research is impeccable and her bibliography exemplary. Hmmm, maybe it begins as a novel but it isn't long before you can reach out and touch these people - people who actually lived and died and were misunderstood in the worst way simply because others chose not to pay attention to something, someone other than themselves and their own pocketbooks. Pharmaceutical companies, Be Damned!

Open-mindedness and new worlds explored - THIS is what I'm talking about.

Don't miss your opportunity to read an amazing offering from Glasner - and an opportunity to widen your horizons!

Finding Emmaus is available in the US and the UK through many fine outlets including:
Barnes & Noble
Burgundy Books, East Haddam, CT
The Book Depository, UK:
Booklover’s Gourmet http://www.er3.com/book/

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