11 April, 2009

New Family Member Introduces Herself

OK - so this is nothing about the book, but it's exciting news nevertheless and needs to be announced:

My son and daughter-in-law called me yesterday afternoon to tell me that they just had their latest sonogram and the baby is girl! Her name is going to be Mia Rose. What a trip!

Maybe she'll be fascinated by Empaths and want to write a book about all things Empathic, just like her Grandma .....

I'm beside myself with excitement. I never had a little girl so I never got to buy all those sweet dresses and hair bows and all the things I wanted to buy. And, of course, now I'm Grandma, so it's my moral obligation to buy all that stuff and spoil her ROTTEN, right???

Of course, if she's anything at all like me, she'll be a tomboy (just like I was) and be so busy beating up all the boys and playing football and wading into the pond to catch frogs and proving she's not afraid to jump off the roof of the garage that I'll never get to buy any of those adorable little dresses!

Have a blessed Easter everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations -how delightful to be having
    a granddaughter :)
    I shall look forward to hearing more about your book also -sounds wonderful.